Nightmare Sampler

I often sleep in a puddle of tears and a bed of fears.
So my dreams are more times than not the stuff of any living (or dead) human’s worst possible feasible future or fantastical plight.
This past weekend I had a few doozies , and I’d like to share one. Not to provoke hypothetical analysis of its contents, (because I spend days doing so already,) but to share a behind-the-scenes peek at what happens behind the lids of my eyes when I rest:

I’m walking around a street that appears mid-century and rather dirty. Brick roads and scattered litter, rather rundown-carnival-esque. A large beast with smooth skin emerges around the corner, bumbling down the road and terrifying the passersby. It doesn’t seem as if it’s intending to actually kill anyone, only frighten. So I run into a nearby home where the interior is dank and dark and crowded, to avoid the tension in the street.

The man/monster follows me indoors, because apparently I am in it’s home, and it begins to undress its skin, which is actually a suit. Emerging from where the spine would belong to the beast’s plushy white flesh, I see another, smaller creature slip out. Balancing on ape-like knuckles, its hind legs are shorter than its arms/fore legs. The skin is a mangled pink and black, and patches of white fur pattern its shoulders in sparse puffs/matts. It resembles a werewolf with a long snout and human eyes and bat ears- and I take this all in within the time it takes for the creature to undress. It turns to me, and begins to speak half with words and half through my own mind. It’s larger than me, but only as tall as me on all fours. I converse with it, maintaining a calm composure. I can sense that if I show fear, it will do something to me worth fearing. The conversation is not as memorable as the sensation of both parties gauging one another’s threat to their own selves.

The relationship between self and monster eases, and I find myself intending to understand this ugly yet seemingly decent creature.

Just as I am thinking about ways to exit the house, another anatomically similar animal comes forth from a doorway. I take it in, and it sizes me up. I can feel a larger malicious presence with it, and it looks nearly identical to the first creature. But it has no fur nor pink flesh, and it moves in a smoother fashion than its companion. It seems more confident.

They both apparently live in this house, (as the darker being tells me through more words yet less facial movement than its housemate.) I can sense the alpha-beta connection between the two, and decide to play nice in order to escape. I can tell that this second creature is less keen on letting me leave in one piece, despite its friendly words.

The first creature puts its suit back on, and leaves…going to work. This happens several times as time lapses, and I continue to monopolize my ability to converse with both monsters. Perhaps several days pass. The furred, pink monster maintains a fairly pleasant demeanor toward me, but my guard does not waiver. I don’t sleep, or take my eyes off of the darker monster. This one continues to berate me with pointed questions.

While the first creature is away, the second one comes closer to me. It does not tell me that it is going to force itself onto me, but all of my senses surge in one swoop as it grabs at my waist to ram itself onto me.

I instinctively “check-in,” as I often do in these kind of dreams. I realize it is a dream in a split second, and do what I have always done- kill anything in sight and blink myself awake.

I grab a metal, corroded knife from behind my back and ram it up into the monster’s diaphragm several times, feeling all of my left arm’s muscles contract until they cramp with the force. I do this with only an inch between our chests, and rapidly blink as hard as possible until my eyes open into my bedroom…

With my torso shifted, legs crossed. With my right hand guarding my own diaphragm palm-down, and with my left hand laying sore across my chest, index finger pointing off to my right.

These dreams are varied, and fairly frequent. They are something I’ve fought, ignored, and adapted to…But honestly, I just think that they would make pretty good scary movies, and have found appreciation for them in their ingenuity and perspective. (This is definitely one of my more straightforward ones, comparatively.)
Sweet dreams to you all!

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