Criticism over Complacency

I’d rather be surrounded by folx that are critical of themselves and others than be associated with folx that are complacent in their self- and social- awareness.

I mean, what is the point of friendships (or even casual comradery) if not to constantly push one another to be better?

Maybe this is all just directly stemming from my firey Sagittarius side, but I would love nothing less than to eliminate contact with those who believe that they have mastered all understanding of themselves, the universe, and all beings within it.

What thrills do you get by sitting with those who clap you on the back for no other reason than your proximity to their hand? What gratification do you get by attending echo chambers validating your vices and toxic habits? What growth do you gain by never extending your circle to include those whose views differ vastly from your own?

And what progress are you really making by defending people on the basis of them looking like you, to defend your own self-proclaimed right to behave in the way you are most comfortable doing so?

Even within POC communities, we are actively criticizing one another on our internalized colonizing and classist associations to the darker shades within our nationalities. Outside of POC communities the world is finally opening up to the idea that PERHAPS criticism of white folx actions and habits is warranted and acceptable in the face of WWT (white woman tears.) And within the grand scope of all critical dialogue, we are finally making it normal to speak openly about race and socio-economical politics. And that is a big fucking step forward- for those of us willing to move forward, and not clinging to our comfortable rhetorics.

I am thankful to have friends of both the colorful and caucasian descent that are open to questioning their privileges. I am thankful to have friends that do not throw respectability politics onto political critique and invalidate valid points by crying wolf at the harshness of the phrasing. Bluntness is acceptable. Anger is acceptable. Victimizing the Oppressive systems and participants thriving within them is not acceptable.

I have said before and will say again- I was not born free of sin.

I have not lived my life entirely aware and I have made the classic fuck-ups of anyone growing up within a closed-minded environment. I have wrongly accused others of living within their stereotypes and belittled others for not living in the exact manner that I did. I appropriated and laid claim to traditions and cultures that were not my own, and fetishized lifestyles that to some were a matter of life and death. I created a generalized sense of community in communities that were not my own for the sake of my own self-identifying gratification.

And we all have, to some extent, done the exact same.

So what do we do? Do we continue to defend our “right” to patronize and partake where we derive the most benefit? Or do we listen and validate the experiences of others with the realization that we do not own their experiences, their emotions, or them? Do we reject criticism of our own ignorance in defense of our “feelings?” Or do we acknowledge that our actions are not JUST about OUR “feelings?” That we are all connected regardless of creed or color, and not just in a rosy-posy colorblind way. That what we do affects others. That we are responsible of who we are, what we condone, and what we create. That we are responsible for not hoarding our newfound knowledge and insights within ourselves, but sharing them with others.

Regardless of the waves made.

Don’t be complacent with yourself or others. Be critical.

Go out and make some fucking waves today.

May you be well, May you be happy, May you be free from suffering.

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