He Said Write a Book

I started a new Chiropractor last week – He told me I should write a book.

And I’ve been wondering about the correlation between him cracking my bones and him convincing me I am meant for greatness. The bridging conversation when he asked me what I wanted out of my sessions with him; what my ultimate, end goal is for going to a Chiropractor.

I told him that I have been very invested in my holistic health- in tackling all parts of my healing process, including the physical. And that his practice would be playing a role in that.

He took this self-aware speech (that I here shortened for sake of time and memory accuracy,) with a confident smile. He then told me I should do an audiobook or write a book, to which my mind said,

“Scrrrrrrrrrttttt. Wait. How’d he know? That’s the goal!”

I’ve been plotting and planning on writing a book for almost a year now, and more recently flexing my memoir-able and sarcasm-fused writing through this blog for funsies.

But not just for funsies- as a way to compile my thoughts and find the similarities in my themes. To find a direction that is purposeful and fulfilling. To create in a way that synthesizes every lesson and lecture I have given myself. To find the commonality in my experiences and those I hold dear. To find the angle to best approach and stroke the back of the common fold of folks who have suffered in similar ways, and most likely triumphed with similar challenges.

And I shared these thoughts with him, to which he smiled even wider and complimented my articulation even higher. I told him my ultimate plan for my channel, my platform- in growing an audience that understands and relates to me, (or is at least interested in learning about people like myself.)

I went back today for an alteration, and the Chiropractor told me that he had thought about what I said the last time we met. He thought aloud that I should “just write a page a day to start,”- to which I smiled into the paper-covered head support I was laying on. I replied that I used to write 4 pages a day when I was bed-ridden, and that writing had kept me going and made me feel purposeful. That now I am focused on doing one video and one blog post a week, and that it has cut into my writing time more than I thought it would.

He was excited at this news, and I felt relieved pleasure and validation at hearing someone excited for the work I do and the work I anticipate making. For the small baby of a platform that I am patiently growing. (As patient as I can call myself…)

And I am excited to one day have balance in my life to where I can dedicate daily, even weekly time to compiling and creating my book.

For now, keeping the creative flow going with this platform fetus and my real-life bill-paying job/gigs keep me plenty busy and off-balance most of the time… and the point in case I had made was that I am trying to heal, at the same time. Through my mediums as well as through my own bodily needs.

But come 2019, I am going to start sorting through the material I have created here. I am going to start deliberately piecing together the parts of my story, when I have the slivers and slices pre-cut and prepped. When I am in a good place physically, mentally, and spiritually…when I have grown this platform to a sustainability that doesn’t take as much brain-draining time out of my every week. And when reading through my writing doesn’t have as emotional of a toll on my coping skills.

It won’t be today or tomorrow- but it’s happening.

And teaching me patience in the meantime- a lesson long overdue.

May you be well, May you be happy, May you be free from suffering.

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