National Mental Health & Coming Out Day

I was trying to decide on which topic to talk about between yesterday being Mental Health day and today being Coming Out day…and I couldn’t…

So imma just do both.

Correlation doesn’t equal causation, and anyone with intersectional identities or multiple tribulations in their life can tell you that.

A lotta queer-ass kids have a lot of real-ass mental health problems, and guess what?


I know, shocking.

It’s because they’re queer AND multidimensional beings with diverse backgrounds who also have to navigate a suffocatingly heteronormative and homophobic world WHILE balancing these personal and interpersonal landscapes.

It’s because we deal with internalized dysphoria and hate for ourselves that we have been taught by outside perspectives and pressures.

And it’s not because “homosexual behavior” in a mental disease.

It’s sad that I have to even say that, but apparently there’s a lot of people out there still believing this lame-ass-excuse for banishment and disbelief. Disrespect in the guise of respect for tradition is still alive and well.

All that rant aside-

I truly do hope that those who feel safe coming out today, (or any other day of the year,) find supportive arms to rest and feel safe in. And I hope that those who do not have the stability or ability to come out find respite in knowing that they are loved by those of us out here trying to make the world a little more habitable and safe. We all deserve to have a life free of goddamn harsh-ass-hets.

I also truly do hope that we find a way to quit the stigma and shaming of mental health struggles, and that anyone dealing with a recent diagnosis or a chronic illness finds their own support outside of a clinical setting, in the face of friends/family. To hope such and to have such is a privilege…. and a privilege everyone deserves.

Whether you are personally affected by either of these national days of acknowledgement, I welcome you to reflect on how you are making life either easier or harder for those who do, through your day-to-day actions.

That’s all I have to say for now~~~~~

Have a lovely week. Be present for one another.

May you be well, May you be happy, May you be free from suffering

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