Blest while Strest

Happy colonizer day, ya’ll.

While I don’t prescribe to the typical excitement and frivolity of today as a marker of historical genocide, I do enjoy a good reflection on the blessings of my life during this time with the fam. So here it is:

I have a spiritual understanding of my life as a passing of time where I am living under the Karmic consequences of a past life. As such, I view my blessings as the good Karma I was gifted in this life, sustaining me through the trials of Bad Karma still touching my lifespan with turmoil.

The primary “good” Karmic embodiment in my life is my family, who have taught me love and compassion from a young age as the foundation of any human interaction. Though many times they could have chosen to reject or abandon me under circumstances I have put them through, they have remained supportive and by my side for all of my (almost) 25 years of consciousness.

It is thanks to them that I learned self-love and forgiveness. (Although those are still hard lessons for me to apply against the self-hate and punishment I have adopted through trauma- informed shame.) It is thanks to them that I learned all humans deserve basic rights, and to have their needs fulfilled. (Although these lessons were at times shadowed by religious conservatism and bias.)

And it is thanks to them that today, and for the next few years, I will have a place to rest, recover, and lay my head in safety.

I recognize my family unit as an extreme privilege that many do not share, and that those even most close to me outside of my family savor and admire my parents’ unwavering union and support for those not within our bloodline. Through them I learned that family extends past genetics- most especially onto those who most need that warmth and stability. That differences and indifferences are no match for kindness and kinship. That I have the freedom and right to choose my family, and add yet more members to it whenever I wish.

My family has engrained in me the affirmative coping skills that I have relied on heavily for the past years gone by. And even when I was in the depths of self-destruction, they were still there. Proving again and again that I deserve good things, good love, and a good life.

And I’m hella thankful for that, and them.

May you be well, May you be happy, May you be free from suffering.

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